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the pursuit of more perfect labrador is our goal. we breed pure jingrui labadors.

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i in the chance like labrador, because it's smart and gentle, and strong affinity, i indulge in labrador, the initiation of have the idea of a beautiful orthodox labrador and embarked on the search for my own dog and the study of diffuse long road.
our labrador buddy from the attention on the global rocheby blood, yorkshire, north-east england rocheby kennel in, rocheby beginning was built in 1964, near the beautiful roche abbey's name from rocheby kennel name. after kennel migration to the present address.
rocheby kennel created british history up to 35 the number of champions championship so far. rocheby old smokey has become one of the uk and the world lara labrador history of the best.
through our continuous effort, twice to the uk visit owner of rocheby kennel ms marion, nearly 2 years of long wait, our dog buddy in august 2012 finally came to the beijing, china, from our life together, a member of the family has become, in order to better reproduce british labrador 2014 on february 15, our mother labradors spice from the british came to our home in beijing, china, spice has rocheby and blood storm blood perfect combination. so we have a british department of pure breed labrador.
in the days of our lives together, we have the red, this beautiful near perfect champion, it comes from in asia's leading the end-to-end kennel and its ancestors have impressive performance. at the same time, we also look forward to it become future ares.

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